Almost 600 people engaged in the Niger Citizens’ Hearings led by World Vision including hundreds of youth and children participating as well as faith leaders, celebrities, local leaders and women Parliamentarians.

Children's Parliament Representative Chaibou Saley Aboubacar's presented recommendations on behalf of children in Niger:

On behalf of all the children in Niger, and in particular of the Tillabery region, we are presenting you the following recommendations for children's health and survival: 
- Elaboration of a concrete plan that defines government's accountability to commitments made on maternal, newborn and child health 
- Definition of a meaningful participation of the beneficiaries and civil society in the implementation of this plan
- Definition of a clear engagement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding his contribution in favour of maternal, newborn and child health - in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health 
- Publication of the level of progress achieved on MDGs 4 and 5, and of the implementation of an accountability framework that strengthens civil society actors' participation in relation to the Every Woman Every Child strategy and in accordance with the SDGs

Government Representative Regional Secretary General Moussa Mossi remarked:

"We highlight the engagement from the Government of Niger to take action to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths, including through: 
- Identifying the most vulnerable children and better targeting resources towards them.
- Increasing access to essential health services by effective implementation of the free health-care initiative and the roll out of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.
- Intensifying and diversifying activities to prevent chronic malnutrition, including education and behaviour change, and scale up treatment of acute malnutrition, particularly in rural areas.
- Strengthening accountability systems that include citizen participation in monitoring and review.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before putting an end to my allocution, I would like to ask for your adherence to World Vision’s campaign “Stop at Nothing to reach preventable deaths of children under five”. One of the priorities of the highest authorities at the first row of which his Excellency Mahamadou Issoufou present in the audience, Head of State, and his Excellency, Brigi Rafini, Primer Minister, who is currently visiting our municipality."


Watch the Niger Citizens' Hearings videos below: