By Williams Moi

Man, man, man. 

Why do you marry me and then abandon me to die at the hospital?

Yes it is my right to marry but it is not right that I should die from giving life.
Oh man. You man. Why do you abandon me as if I am not your wife? Why not embrace our life and marriage?

Man, man, man. You fell in love with me and I accepted your humble request for marriage surely. Let your love stay with me until death do us part, but let it be a normal death, not a death from giving birth.

Why should l give life and die? Are there no qualified health workers to save me? 
I give birth to your baby. Please let our lifetime of love be safe, and also our baby.

Man, man, man. Why can’t you confront the nurses who refuse to attend to me during the time I give birth? You abandoned me, yet I need your protection. What role do you play in preventing my death at the time when I am giving life?

Nurse you have been accused of rudeness while on duty. Why can’t you stop your aggression and do your job and deliver mothers normally?

Nurse, nurse, nurse your neglect kills babies. It is my right to stay alive after delivery. It my right to acquire medical services and it is your duty to treat me properly.

Oh nurse why do you abuse my rights? Please convert yourself into a carer and change our lives for life.